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We want to introduce you to the amazing dogs that are looking for a place to call home. Just click on their pictures below to learn all about these wonderful pups.
Here's the first steps in the adoption process:

  1. Click "Adoption Inquiry" and submit
    the form. A CIC representative will contact you by phone or e-mail (please specify which you prefer).

  2. Set up a meet and greet with your potential new furry family member.

  3. Fill out an adoption application.

  4. A CIC representative will call your references and the CIC board will review your application and decide if you and the dog of your choice are the right fit.

  5. The big day when you get the news that your family will soon have a brand new furry one added to the bunch!

Note: All applications are accepted and reviewed by our board of directors. We reserve the right to decline any applications based on the needs and requirements of each and every dog. Please understand that we are only looking out for the best interested of you, your family and the dogs of CIC.

Thank You!