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July 27 - Update on Hope from our Vet, Dr. Tolar:
Our Hope is doing well this afternoon. I have diagnosed her with demodectic mange and a secondary skin infection. I didn't do a culture, but I suspect yeast and staph. She has had a very soothing bath. I have started her on antibiotics and medication to treat her mange. Also I gave her something for pain.
She is an absolute sweetheart. Hope really enjoyed the bath that Cody gave her. He got most of the crusting off of her. She didn't fight at all. As a matter of fact she leaned into the scrubbing. She's a tough little lady. I expect her to recover nicely.
July 28 - Update from Dr. Tolar
Hope is feeling better by the day. She still has a great appetite and does whatever I ask without complaining. I'm pretty sure she likes children, because I saw her wag her little stub at my 3 yr old!! She gave him a little lick on the nose. Lol. I weighed her last night and she had gained almost a half pound! On our way to recovery!!
July 29 - From Dr. Tolar
Hope is feeling really good tonite. She is following us everywhere! She even talked to us a little when we got here. Hope has gained a full 2 pounds! Yay!!
July 30 - From Dr. Tolar
Hope is great today. Her only problem today was that she kept looking for my kids! She is doing awesome!! The odor isn't as strong. Her feet aren't as swollen and red! Yay
July 30 - From Jeri. Our visit was very heartwarming. Hope got a walk outside, new toys and some good treats today.  She's doing great, for what she has been thru.  Doc says she's going to be doing a heartworm test real soon on her.  We're all praying for negative, but we will see.  She hands her paw to everyone she encounters, takes treats so gently, and gives kisses! Hope says thanks for all the prayers and donations that have come thru from all over the world, some as far away as Germany, U.K.,  Brazil, and Australlia.  Hope is so Thankful for all and we're sure this has added to Hope's desire to live!
Dr. Tolar has stated she would foster her. I think CIC may have a hard time getting Hope out of Docs hands but what better hands for her to be in!  We love you Hope, you're a very special pooch!

August 2  from Dr Tolar. - Hope is great as usual. She is making great strides toward recovery. She will get another bath tomorrow. Then I will reevaluate her release date!! I'm so excited for this baby!!
Hope tested Negative for Heartworm.....YAY!  Once less thing for this poor sould to go through.

August 4 from Dr. Tolar - Hope is almost completely scab free! She isn't scratching much at all now. She's anxiously awaiting her bath tomorrow! Lol. It's amazing how quickly she is healing.
August 6 - Hope's hair is starting to grow back. YAY
She is doing amazing.
August 8 from Dr. Tolar  - Okay, sooooo, Miss Hope is doing great!!!! Usually I see my patients well after treatment has begun. I have gotten to be with Hope every day. It's amazing to watch her progress daily. Today outside in the sun, I noticed new hair on her sides and her forehead!! She is an amazing girl
August 10 - The BIG Day is here. Our Hope is being released from the hospital today.  Wait till you see all her new hair coming in and the presure sores are healing nicely too.
August 10 - Hope is saying her goodbyes to Dr.Tolar and staff today!
A Huge Thank You to all of Lawsons vet staff for taking such wonderfull care of Hope!
Hope is going to miss Tristin, the 3 legged pittie who kept her company during her stay , Thank you Tristin for looking over Hope, she's going to miss you.
Hope has arrived at CIC and making her self right at home.  She will get tons of love and attention.  Welcome to CIC Hope....we love you!
Hope and CIC would like to say a BIG "Thank You" to the following people for contributing to her medical cost. 
A Brack MN
A Jasinsky IL
A Otterson WI
B Beaulaurier CA
B McCanless MO
B Pigg MO
B Revello WI
C Brunson SC
C Marks MO
C Ortbals MO
C Romer MO
C Sewell CA
C Todd FL
C Voegtli MO
D Bianca NV
D Canty NC
D Hailey MO
D Keranen WI
D Laughlin MO
D Lindhurst MO
D Pinnow WI
D Zenisek WY
E Eyster MO
G Argyropoulos CA
G DeLaughter FL
G McKelvey MO
G Oates FL
G Padgett AR
H Genaro MO
J Chou MO
J Cutler MO
J Dempsey FL
J Furfaro PA
J Vegas IN
J White West Midlands, Great Britian
K Albrecht MO
K Allen Ontario, Canada
K Byerly MO
K Fischer MO
K Meixner MO
K Paige MO
K Surtin MO
K Waggoner KS
L Carter PA
L Francis CO
L Halbman MO
L Linder IL
L Miller MO
L Miller IL
M Bilotti  IL
M Phelan MO
M Urness MO
M Wozny Victoria, 
N Leroy MO
N Rodenbour Luxemburg, Germany
P Ernest MO
P Mattingly FL
R Plotezka MI
R Southard KS
S Demers NH
S Dummitt KY
S Nacy NC
S Petros MI
T Haneline IN
T Scherer MO
T Smith LA
T Smith MO
V Lee GA
Meet Hopes saviors, Anna and Gabe Haverstick.  This nice couple found Hope laying listless on their road in Blackwell, Mo.  They just dropped in to visit Hope!  Thank You Anna & Gabe for your kind hearts and getting Hope to CIC, YOU ROCK !
August 11 from Jeri - Hope's first day at CIC and she's already made a friend with Miss B.  Hope just shines in so many ways.  She slept in bed all curled up next to me, she's romped in the play yard with her buddy Miss B and she's just doing awesome
Hope enjoys her medicated baths.  She is just an awesome dog.
August 16 - Hope is doing well, she has gained a total of 14.4 lbs. The hip presure sores have healed nicely  and she has 80% more fur coming in. Check out the look we get when she has to go potty, love the pouty face!
August 19 - CIC has selected a wonderful couple for Hope's new family, of course this will not take place until she is fully recovered. Hope's new home will come complete with a boxer loving family who lost their boxer to cancer months ago. Her home will come with a secure fenced yard, a stay at home mom, a dad who's just crazy over Hope, a 16 yr old boy with tons of love and 2 sibling dogs to make Hope's life complete.  Hope's new family has made a few trips to meet Hope and Hope just loves their visits.  She just loves them and they love her, its a match made in heaven!
August 21 - Hopes first day outside to play,  Hope and Miss B have become such good friends and look at all that new hair on Hope. She's doing awesome!
August 26 - Hope has been a busy girl this morning. She's been busy rounding up toys and putting them all in her crate Shes a toy hoarder!
We Love our Hope
August 28 - Hope giving Jeri some kisses....this is what rescue is all about.
August 29 - It's been almost 6 long weeks of healing for Hope and she's doing great.  She is  pushing 64 lbs, a far cry from the 38 lbs when we found her.  her hair is 95% all grown back and she is looking beautiful!
Hope has learned sit, shake and down and completely housebroken. She loves toys and puts all her toys in her crate at night for safe keeping. Hope has no enemies and loves everyone who meets her!  If any one would like to meet Hope, she will be our guest at Tower Grove Park on Sept 8th for the Kilometers for Canines 5K walk run race.  Hope says stop in and meet me.
September 8 - Hope was the guest of honor at our Kilometers for Canines 5K race..  She has quite a big fan club and enjoyed all the attention she received..