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Sandy - April 27, 2013
Brody - March 2013
Thunder - February 2013
Spooner - December 2012
Carmella - December 2012
Angus - August 2012

Sugar unfortunately lost her battle against parvo on 4/9/2012. She is now running free across the rainbow bridge without a care in the world. We love you Sugar.


Cinnamon joined her sister, Sugar, on 4/13/12 after she too lost her battle with parvo. Cinnamon and Sugar are now together forever across the rainbow bridge. In the short time they were on this earth they were loved by many and are now missed by many.  We love you babies! 


Gus 2009

Patrick 2009 --- 22 yrs. old 

Mindy 2009
Max  2010
Mork  2010
Bones 2011
Sky  2011
Mable 2010